26 November 2020: Save the date for this year's Techtank Conference!

26 November 2020: Save the date for this year's Techtank Conference!

Techtank Conference – Innovative manufacturing for industrial use

2020 Theme: Flexible Production, with focus on forming and stamping.

Increased demand for customized and individualized products puts a greater focus on production flexibility. This is also addressed in EU by the objective Excellent, responsive and smart factories & supply chains. Flexible production can handle volume changes, different variants, new materials and new material combinations. During Techtank Conference 2020 – which will be held digitally – we will explore the area of Flexible production, with focus on forming and stamping.

Besides Keynote presentations in areas related to this theme, the conference will offer:

  • Several opportunities to discuss with speakers and other participants through breakout sessions
  • A unique live broadcast from a current Testbed
  • Virtual factory tours

Digital & virtual experience!

Due to the COVID-19 situation, Techtank Conference 2020, which was to be held in Olofström, Sweden, will instead be a Digital Conference. The event will still be held on Thursday 26 November, 2020.

Delivering the conference digitally is a new challenge that we are embracing and making the most of, also enabling participation from around the world to make it a truly international conference. Join us from wherever you are located – let’s meet up online for Techtank Conference 2020!

More information about the conference program and how to sign up will be published early autumn 2020. If you already wish to register your interest in participating, please e-mail us at with your name, organization and e-mail, and we will send you more information as soon as the registration is open.

About Techtank Conference

Techtank Conference is an annual meeting place for manufacturing and engineering companies, research institutes and other organizations that want to keep up to date with current trends in innovative manufacturing for industrial use, with focus on forming and stamping.

Techtank Conference 2020 – Facts

Date:  Thursday 26 November, 2020
Time:  Full day
Venue:  Digital
Language:  English
Theme:  Flexible Production, with focus on forming and stamping
Organizer:  Techtank in collaboration with the Swedish application center Stamping and Forming Center of Excellence powered by RISE
Fee:  No fee
Funding:  Techtank Conference 2020 is conducted through the project Innovationsinitiativet, financed by Region Blekinge and Olofström Municipality.

About Techtank

Techtank (Advanced Engineering Alliance) is a cluster initiative in southern Sweden that is working to promote the development of industrial companies, strengthen their competitiveness and create growth in the region. Techtank’s membership base consists of advanced industrial and technology companies of all sizes – from small and medium-size enterprises, to multinational global leaders.

About Stamping and Forming Center of Excellence

The Stamping and Forming Center of Excellence is an application center for process development, testing and material characterization of sheet metal and multimaterials. The Center is powered by RISE – Research Institutes of Sweden.


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